Sub-committee on Initial Teacher Education (SCITE)

Terms of Reference

The Sub-committee on Initial Teacher Education (SCITE) is set up under COTAP to advise on policies and measures relating to initial teacher education (ITE) programmes and provide a platform for regular professional exchange with Teacher Education Universities (TEUs) and the school sector.

The SCITE makes recommendations to COTAP on –

(a) professional exchange with TEUs on how to:
  (i) plan, implement and review ITE programmes to meet present and forecast needs as well as expectations of both the education sector and the community at large in the light of changing societal needs and expectations, global educational developments and related research and evaluation findings;
  (ii) set desired attributes for ITE graduates with reference to the teacher competencies requirements and review the ITE programmes in the light of feedback from the key stakeholders, including ITE graduates; and
  (iii) enhance the planning parameters for teacher education provision;
(b) the qualification requirements for permitted and registered teachers, in the light of the prevailing needs in primary, secondary and special schools and kindergartens;
(c) the recognition and comparability of professional qualifications acquired outside Hong Kong for the purpose of teaching in Hong Kong; and
(d) other matters relevant to ITE which COTAP may refer to.