Terms of Reference

COTAP serves to advise the Government on policies and measures relating to the professional development of teachers and principals (collectively referred to as the teaching profession) at different career stages of professional growth. It also provides a platform for promoting professional sharing, collaboration and networking with various stakeholders in school management, educational bodies and organisations.


  1. advises the Government on –
    1. the planning and feedback on initial teacher education programmes;
    2. the planning, implementation and evaluation of professional development programmes for the teaching profession to meet present and forecast needs, as well as expectations of both the education sector and the community at large;
    3. the professional competencies and qualifications (including those acquired outside Hong Kong) necessary for the teaching profession;
    4. strategies for enhancing the quality of the teaching profession at its various career stages, in the light of changing societal needs and expectations, global educational developments and related research and evaluation findings;
    5. the direction and strategies for enhancing the social status of the teaching profession, attracting and retaining high-quality professionals, and maintaining a healthy turnover within the teaching profession;
    6. how best to encourage and nurture effective practice in professional training and development; and
    7. other matters relevant to the professional development of the teaching profession which the Government may refer to;
  2. in support of (a) above, with respect to frameworks agreed with the EDB,
    1. commissions and/or conducts educational research and evaluation studies to facilitate the formulation of policies and measures on the professional development of the teaching profession;
    2. commissions and/or conducts training programmes conducive to the professional development of the teaching profession; and
    3. collaborates and has professional exchange with various stakeholders, local and international educational bodies and organisations, on matters relating to the professional development of the teaching profession; and
  3. provides a platform for promoting professional sharing, collaboration and networking with various stakeholders in school management, educational bodies and organisations.