New types and modes of training to be explored
to meet professional development needs

COTAP is gauging the professional development needs of teachers and school leaders, including their preferred training types and modes, under T-datasetPD. Based on the outcomes, new types and modes of programmes would be developed and experimented under T-trainβ. Consideration could also be given, under T-trainβ, to explore incentive measures to encourage teachers to undertake Continuing Professional Development.

E-learning mode blended with face-to-face tuition has been implemented in the Induction Programme for Newly Appointed Principals for more effective and efficient delivery. “Programme for Leadership Enhancement for Serving Principals/ Vice-Principals” has provided an opportunity for attachment to the non-education sector to broaden the horizon of principals/ vice-principals.

The "Finland Attachment Programme 2016/17" was another pilot programme developed to broaden the horizons and build the capacity of teachers and school leaders through overseas study visit and school attachment.

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