Sub-committee on Teachers’ Professional Development (SCTPD)

Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework

In the CPD Document 2003, teachers were encouraged to meet the soft target of engaging in CPD activities of not less than 150 hours in a three-year tryout period, including both structured learning (e.g. seminars, conferences, staff development days) as well as other modes of learning such as collaborative practices, mentoring and professional reading.

The key findings were shared in the CPD Document 2006, i.e. the Interim Report on Teachers’ CPD released in April 2006. It was found that over the past few years, teachers and schools had been actively involved in a wide range of CPD activities, and that teachers had also generally supported the CPD framework, including the soft target of not less than 150 CPD hours over three years.

In the CPD Document 2009, with a view to the positive evidence gathered during the 3-year tryout period, teachers have been strongly recommended to undertake 150 CPD hours over 3 years. Encouragement for voluntary participation with support measures provided by schools and little pressure imposed, rather than a mandatory requirement, has been strongly suggested. The aim is to make it natural for teachers to undergo CPD in the context of education reform which promotes lifelong learning.