Sharing on the professional roles of principals

Induction Programme for Newly-appointed Principals 2016/17

In an era of unprecedented technological advances, fast changes and keen international competition, how should the teaching profession better prepare our students for these challenges through education? In particular, what are the professional roles that principals should play in order to enable students to display the crucial attributes for facing the increasingly complex challenges of the 21st century?

To answer these questions, COTAP embarked on the task of drafting the professional standards for teachers through the setting up of the Special Meeting on Review of Teacher Competencies Framework (Special Meeting) in August 2014. The Special Meeting has been reconstituted and expanded since February 2016 as the T-standard+ Consortium, which serves to extend the discussion to cover the development of an updated set of professional standards for principals.

There is a common consensus in the Special Meeting and the T-standard+ Consortium that a student-centred approach should be adopted in the development of the T-standard+, which will encompass the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes required of teachers and school leaders in the coming decades in order to enable students to display the crucial attributes – Whole-person Wellness, Key Competences for Adulthood, and Change Agility for Tomorrow, for facing the increasingly complex challenges of the 21st century.

After months of discussions in the T-standard+ Consortium, members have come up with the initial views on the professional roles of principals as follows: Ethical Enablers of All-round Growth and Balanced Advancement, Versatile Architects of Vibrant Learning Organisations, and Visionary Edupreneurs of Educational Transformation and Continuous School Improvement.

Education Bureau has been maintaining close contact with the teaching profession and keeping the education sector informed of the latest updates. The Professional Development and Training Division (PDT) of Education Bureau has been sharing these updates with teachers and principals in recent professional development programmes and seminars. One occasion is the Induction Programme for the Newly Appointed Principals (NAPs) on 4 August 2016 where Mr Benjamin YUNG, Principal Assistant Secretary (PDT), Education Bureau, shared the above updates with NAPs in his welcoming speech.

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