Sub-committee on School Leadership (SCSL)

Terms of Reference

The Sub-committee on School Leadership (SCSL) is set up under COTAP to advise on policies and measures relating to the professional development of serving principals, newly-appointed principals, aspiring principals, including vice-principals and middle managers, and members of School Management Committee (SMC)/ Incorporated Management Committee (IMC), with a view to developing school leadership and enhancing the quality of school education.

The SCSL makes recommendations to COTAP on –

(a) strategies and ways to promote principals’ continuing professional development (CPD) with a view to enhancing school leadership in the light of changing societal needs and expectations, global educational developments as well as related research and evaluation findings;
(b) strategies and ways to develop, implement and evaluate an analytical framework on the competencies of principals at various stages of professional development with a view to providing an effective guide for principals’ self-reflection and professional growth;
(c) the planning, design, organisation and evaluation of professional development programmes for serving principals, newly-appointed principals, aspiring principals and members of SMC/ IMC to enhance their leadership knowledge and skills;
(d) the need for conducting educational research and evaluation studies with a view to consolidating experiences as well as disseminating good practices of school leadership; and
(e) other matters relevant to principals’ CPD which COTAP may refer to.