Sub-committee on Teachers’ Professional Development (SCTPD)

Teacher Competencies Framework (TCF)

In the CPD Document 2003, a generic TCF was also introduced.  The TCF serves as a reference for teachers and their schools in identifying their professional development needs.  The TCF is generic in nature and schools are encouraged to make their own modifications.  It is built on four core domains: (i) Teaching and Learning; (ii) Student Development; (iii) School Development; and (iv) Professional Relationships and Services.  Each of these four domains is extended by four dimensions, highlighting important aspects of teachers’ work.  Each dimension includes a number of strands and each strand has stage descriptors linking typical competencies with particular stages of teachers’ professional maturity (i.e. Threshold, Competent and Accomplished) to show the progression of teachers’ professional growth.

For details of the TCF, please refer to Appendix D of the CPD Document 2003.