Unified set of standards for the teaching profession


Why T-standard+

"When teachers grow, so do learners. When facing the many changes in the education landscape in the 21st century, how can we prepare ourselves for educating students to embrace the opportunities and challenges in the future? By portraying the professional roles of teachers and school leaders in Hong Kong, T-standard+ aims to provide a useful reference and anchor for the teaching profession in its teacher preparation, continuing professional development and school leadership development. It has been developed as one of the first areas of focus under the overarching project, "T-excel@hk", which works towards the vision and mission of fostering a vibrant teaching profession of excellence for the benefit of student learning and growth."

Dr. Carrie WILLIS
Former Chairperson, COTAP

"Nurture Learners Today and Leaders Tomorrow"

"The T-standard+ is a set of student-centred and forward-looking expectations on how teachers and principals support the needs of contemporary education, nurturing learners today to become leaders tomorrow. The T-standard+, which comprises the Professional Standards for Teachers of Hong Kong (PST) and the Professional Standards for Principals of Hong Kong (PSP), portrays the vision and mission of teachers and principals of Hong Kong at different stages of their professional journey. They have been developed with the teaching profession for the growth of the profession. With full respect to professional autonomy, the T-standard+ serves as a reference tool for the profession and its supporting partners, ensuring flexibility in its use."

Professor HAU Kit-tai
Convenor of T-standard+ Consortium


Committee on Professional Development of Teachers and Principals (COTAP)
  • Established in 2013
  • 3 foci:
    • to enhance teacher preparation
    • to promote and support continuing professional development of teachers
    • to strengthen school leadership
  • Launched in 2015, encompassing eight areas of focus, including the T-standard+, which supports teachers and principals in planning their professional growth
  • Providing a clear reference and goal for continuing professional development, teacher preparation and development of school leadership
Application of the T-standard+
  • The T-standard+ presents the professional image of the teaching profession and their contribution, which helps to attract and retain talent, sustaining a high-quality teaching profession.
  • Teachers and principals can use the T-standard+ to reflect on their professional roles and as a tool for their professional development planning.
  • The T-standard+ serves as a direction for initial teacher education and CPD of serving teachers and school leaders.
"Student-centredness" as Core Belief of the T-standard+ centred on students' needs
Three attributes that students need to possess:
  • Whole-person wellness
  • Key competences for adulthood
  • Change agility for tomorrow
The Professional Standards
Developed with the teaching profession for the growth of the profession
  • Professional Standards for Teachers of Hong Kong
    • Caring Cultivators of All-round Growth
    • Inspirational Co-constructors of Knowledge
    • Committed Role Models of Professionalism
  • Professional Standards for Principals of Hong Kong
    • Ethical Enablers of All-round Growth and Balanced Advancement
    • Versatile Architects of Vibrant Learning Organisations
    • Visionary Edupreneurs of Educational Transformation and Continuous School Improvement

T-standard+ Information Sheet

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