T-standard: Application


Unified set of standards for the teaching profession


T-standard+ is a set of expectation and goals. It serves as a reference tool for the teaching profession and its supporting partners.

For teachers and principals, it enables them to reflect on their professional growth and identify their professional development needs.

For schools, it facilitates the delivery of their responsibility in promoting the professional learning of their teaching staff.

For providers of teacher education and CPD programmes, it serves as a direction for reference in the provision of professional development opportunities.

For educators, it serves as a common language for professional dialogues within and outside the education arena.

For the community, it presents an image of the teaching profession and its contribution to the society, which deserves appreciation and support by all members of the society.

For the international community, it tells the story of the teaching profession of Hong Kong.

T-standard+ is here to encourage all who are on the professional journey of education.

The T-standard+ is developed with the teaching profession for the growth of profession.

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